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Recovery Medallions and AA Tokens from Sober Camel for 12 step programs, individuals, AA groups, drug courts and rehab centers

Sober Camel Gifts has a large selection of recovery medallions, AA tokens and 12 step gifts.

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Bronze Medallions for all kinds of Self Help and Recovery Groups and Recovery Programs

AA Groups, Women's Recovery Groups, Native American Recovery

Native American in  Recovery MedallionDare to Dream MedallionLet Go Let God Butterfly Medallion


Biker Groups, African American Groups, Bill and Bob Groups

Veteran Recovery Groups, Drug Courts and 12 Step Groups

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Sober Camel has lots more styles of Bronze Recovery Medallions
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Unity Service Recovery Service Medallions and AA Tokens with years of sobriety, One Day at a Time,
To Thine Own Self Be True, Welcome, Angel and Camel Bronze Recovery Medallions - All kinds of recovery medallions and 12 step Tokens

Aluminum Recovery Medallions Bronze Recovery Medallions
Fancy Recovery Medallions See All Recovery Medallions

Aluminum recovery medallions for 24 Hour and 1 - 11 Month

And several 24 hour AA tokens styles

Also several inspirational styles

We also have specialty plated recovery medallions and triplated recovery medallions

AA Tokens, Recovery Medallions, Alcoholics Anonymous, AA Tokens - 12 Step gifts

Sober Camel Gifts has been serving the recovery community since 1997.

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Recovery Medallions and AA Tokens for 12 step programs, individuals, AA groups, drug courts and rehab centers

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